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15 MAR 2017 // public space / blog / typography
»Do You by any chance remember: In which font did you scream?«

Cartoons that make somebody angry

14 JAN 2015 // blog
The massacre on Charlie Hebdo is still all too present to talk about something as easy as to make somebody angry. Oh dear. But that’s a part of the theme of the documentary Cartoonists: Satire cartoons has to piss somebody off.

Yes to the saying-no-hat

23 SEP 2014 // blog
The Danish Psychology Professor Svend Brinkmann wants the saying-no-hat back, he says in the book Stå fast – et opgør med tidens udviklingstvang (Stand firm - a showdown with the development coercion). He recommends to focus a more on the negative in your life, find the saying-no-hat and suppress the emotions. We need input from elsewhere than from within.

We are all numbers

13 DEC 2013 // blog
I try to ignore it. I’m turning into numbers. One by one. Meanwhile words become opinion, twisted to new, separated to pieces, in sudden beauty or occasionally despair. Temporarily. Numbers on the other hand are rocks. That get shaken when dressed up in words, in interpretation. Yet two is still two. Words loose the origin.


21 NOV 2009 // design
The pillow is a nice medium to display the patterns, right, mmm, I cannot offer my shoulder, but you may use this pillow.

Business card

10 APR 2006 // design / the blue trompet
Wilhelmsen’s designs are very illustrative. As exemplified by his business card, he manages to present information in a series of colorful flowing, soft images combined with fluid type treatments.

uf IdaPict

12 MAJ 2004 // typography
Sister drew the characters for ufTenn, so Ida wanted to join. Eventually it was picts instead of letters.
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