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Perfect Egg

Perfect Egg

                                Calculate the time. Put the egg is put into boiling water. Start the timer when the water is boiling again.
Type the egg circumference in cm
Set the egg weight* (in g)

Egg start temperature:
                    * The circumference of the egg would be more precise than the weight in the calculation. Here the weight is used to estimate an the circumference from an average circumference-weight correlation.
Use circumference Use weight

Perfect Eggs

                        						Calculate the time it takes to boil an egg, from the time when the egg is put into boiling water – and the water is boiling again.

                        					Water boiling temperature: 
                        (covers the average altitude about anywhere in Denmark, The Netherlands – and other low-lands).

                        The calculation is based on ideal physics. In reality there are circumstances: When the egg is put into the boiling water, the temperature of the water falls and the time needed will increase. Also, the heating of the core of the egg doesn’t stop immediately when it is taken out off the water. Therefore, serve and eat at once.
                        Warning: Please, don’t put the computer, tablet, phone, or any other device that is running this application, into the water.
                        Perfect Eggs: Torben Wilhelmsen, 2014-2024,
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