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Forskellige ting til web. Fra de helt små til store projekter. Animationer, Data-høst med videre.

Feet font, dancing letters

18 mar 2021 Opdated Web Application. Originally this was 8 variations of the theme: the foot position when standing and waiting. Through overdubbing 28 stances were made, and many different dances can be written.

FK19. The parties’ performance

8 jun 2019 How did the political parties perform round the country at the Danish election, June 2019? Where did they under perform relative to their average, the election result? How do the performance-map look in comparison with each other?

How many soccer fields is that?

Are you just about to communicate a size of an area? Then get it converted to something easy to grasp: Soccer filed, tennis courts, islands, lakes …

Lotto Game: Against all odds

Write 6 numbers in the box and start the game. I have given you 4 credit to start with.
Note, there’s no real winning, just the fun.

Royal Kerning Challenge

On the Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas shopping bag the brand name offers a pretty bad kerning experience! It is hereby treated through crowd kerning.

Set The Chicken Free

12 apr 2017 Take a small break with the pastime: 12 April 2017. A windy day, and the danish open air ban for poultry, due to the avian flu, is lifted.

Fill the tub

Exponentiel acceleration animated. How long time does it take to fill the tub, and when do you reckon it being filled?

Type Your Text Here

This is a tool that lets you design a type poster by setting various parameters. And out of these parameters generate random examples.

Mobile websites

1 dec 2013 November 2013. Before 2015 all contact between the Danish authorities and the citizens must be digital. But how many public web sites are right now web savvy.

Digital Magazine

The magazine is a html5 browser based application that runs equaly on computer, tablet and smartphones.

Touch the Target

How large should a button be on a touch device for you to be sure to hit it?

How long time to boil an egg

Calculate the time it takes to boil an egg, from the time when you put the egg into boiling water.

Nej-ja switcher

18 jun 2016 Continuous switch between the danish YES and NO. Animation for the Brexit Referendum undecided.

Numbers on Houses

A collection of house numbers that I incidentally started to pick up, mostly in Copenhagen. The collection counts by now 727 images distributed on 132 house numbers.

Random logo, and logo sound, for

Wil Blog: 2 dec 2009 The dots are distributed randomly within defined areas. Chosen (no, not at random) but by some kind of intuition. Distributed over time as notes and composed as a logo sound.

Xierpa Web developing environment

With Xierpa it is possible to construct a web application or a web site that adapts to the individual user and the output conditions.

Re-touching the 12" black vinyl

Re-touch: Now, this list is the end of seven years abstention from 33⅓ RPM 12" black vinyl and the feel of the grand cardboard covers.

Web Site, Blog & Imperfegg Fonts

Main web site with other kinds of portfolio stuff.

Torben Wilhelmsen Blog

Details of various importance on graphics, web and communication

Imperfegg Fonts

Imperfegg is a font shop, selling font subscription and web-type hosting for a small collection of imperfect fonts