15 MAR 2017 // public space / typography / illustration
»Do You by any chance remember: In which font did you scream?«

Cartoons that make somebody angry

14 JAN 2015 // illustration
The massacre on Charlie Hebdo is still all too present to talk about something as easy as to make somebody angry. Oh dear. But that’s a part of the theme of the documentary Cartoonists: Satire cartoons has to piss somebody off.

Trolls may benefit from a dislike button. That’s all. Don’t. Push. The Like. Button.

14 DEC 2014 // transparency / social media
How do I Like a post telling about a brute incident? That’s a question I ask myself now and then: do I ‘like’ the person who is posting, the action to bring the story to the public – or the brutality the story describes?
I may be confused over the community consensus, simply because of the dilemma.
Wouldn’t a dislike button be nice, such as Zuckerberg says that facebook is considering to implement?

Yes to the saying-no-hat

23 SEP 2014 // illustration
The Danish Psychology Professor Svend Brinkmann wants the saying-no-hat back, he says in the book Stå fast – et opgør med tidens udviklingstvang (Stand firm – a showdown with the development coercion). He recommends to focus a more on the negative in your life, find the saying-no-hat and suppress the emotions. We need input from elsewhere than from within. Illustration: Torben Wilhelmsen

Catch me

7 JUN 2014 // design / cd-cover
‘Grib mig’ is the title in danish, for the time being, of a coming cd, for which Marianne Mortensen and Michael Vesterskov had gathered four musicians for two days live recordings. I had the pleasure of being among the audience – and to design the provisional cover that together with a sign up form should make the audience pre-order the cd.

Egg pattern

14 APR 2014 // design / project
Pattern with eggs for the tablecloth and the napkins for the easter celebration lunch. Enjoy.

We are all numbers

13 DEC 2013 // illustration
I try to ignore it. I’m turning into numbers. One by one. Meanwhile words become opinion, twisted to new, separated to pieces, in sudden beauty or occasionally despair. Temporarily. Numbers on the other hand are rocks. That get shaken when dressed up in words, in interpretation. Yet two is still two. Words loose the origin. I used to think that an answer always could be elaborated, even answers to the most simple questions. The more I got answered, the more I found needed to be explained.
Nowadays it’s the questions being complicated, veiled, with secret areas, and stuffed with mental mouse traps, to which I must relate binary, true or false, yes or no. Or rank from 1 to 5, 1 to 10.

More web sites for the danish authorities are using webfonts

5 DEC 2013 // web / typography
But far the most of them still don’t! Only 22 out of 122 web sites for the danish authorities. And the majority of those are prefering free fonts. On the other hand is the number more than doubled in a year, since November 2012 when the number was 9 out of 115. The study is a snapshot that I took November 6, 2013 and covers the web sites of danish ministries, regions, and municipalities. The previous snapshot was taken November 30, 2012.

I don’t want to be scrutinized by a video

16 MAR 2013 // tracking
Samsung has launched a smartphone which allows users to control its 5in (12.5cm) screen using only their eyes. If you for instance is watching a video, it'll stop if you look away, and start when you continue watching.
It seems like a nice trick, Minority Report'ish, but then again: I think it’ll be a feature that I will turn off immediately.

Is the QR bubble losing air

30 NOV 2012 // do your best / mobile web / don’t make me feel stupid
In 2011 the use of QR code seemed to explode. It was a magic spell, a funnel to more visitors to the web site – Accio Visitors. Or was it just that cool that the lemmings started to move again.
Torben Wilhelmsen
Details of various importance on graphics, web and communication

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